Max Bike

From birth, little Max has a severe disability that unfortunately does not allow him to engage in various activities. This includes his family’s favorite activity, going for a ride on a bicycle. Therefore, Max’s family wished to take Max on their adventures in the future, despite his disability and his wheelchair.

The Wonschstär Foundation has made this wish come true by providing a specially adapted bicycle on which Max can be taken along including his wheelchair. We wish the whole family a lot of fun on their bicycle trips together!

A big thank you to the Indian Motorcycle Riders Group Luxembourg who made a lot of effort for Max last weekend and organised a small party. After the 50 bikers had covered a distance of 80 km, they even crossed the finish line together with Max on the last stretch. A whole group of supporters was waiting for them there and welcomed them with a few tears in their eyes and a lot of applause.

Until December, you too can take part in this campaign and secure a special calendar from the Moto Club and support Max in this way. We thank you very much for any support.