Lara Stair lift

Going up and down stairs is not a simple task for many people in our society! This is also the case for Lara, who is very limited at home due to her disability, but who loves to go down to the basement with her father to do handicrafts.

Until some time ago this was no problem for the family as they simply carried Lara down the stairs. However, as time went by, Lara got bigger and heavier and one day this method didn’t work anymore.

In their time of need, Lara’s family turned to us for help in financing a stair lift. Since the care insurance had already provided the family with an outdoor stair lift and would not fund a second one, we agreed to help the family.

Now Lara can pursue her favorite hobby again and do handicrafts together with her father.

We would like to thank all our supporters and especially the Hesper Fëscher Club for their generous support.