At foundation Wonschstär it is our mission to help people whose lives have greatly been affected by illness, accident or other strokes of fate. It is our basic belief that everyone should have the possibility to “fulfill their dreams”.

Unfortunately, this universal right is not a given for everyone, and thus we have made it our mission to assist and support those people who have partially or completely given up the hope to ever fulfill their life goals and dreams. In order for dreams not to remain dreams only, great moments and a positive outlook on the future are the best medicine to regain hope and strength.

Our foundation wants to instill the belief that if one really wants to, one can achieve tremendous things in life and that one should never give up hope.

If you wish to be a part of this amazing cause you can do so through volunteering and contacting us via e-mail, or you can make a donation to our foundation.

We thank you very much and are looking forward to every help that we can get.


Melvyn was born twelve years ago with a very rare disease, which brings with it a whole series of severe limitations, such as a motor development disorder. This obstacle is a relatively big and permanent challenge for Melvyn as well as his family in everyday life. We...


Dear Adriano has wished for nothing more than to visit Disneyland. Of course, we were immediately on fire to fulfill this wish, and to give him a great trip. As you can see on the pictures, Adriano had a great adventure together with his mother. He could hardly...


After Ines attended a dolphin therapy a few years ago and her parents noticed significant progress in her daily life, we were asked if we would be willing to support Ines and her family a second time. We are happy to have helped the family to participate in such a...


Another time we were able to make a person happy. An acquaintance of a family contacted us and told us about the difficult fate of the mother and her heart's desire. We were of course very concerned and assured our support. After a short planning phase we made it...

Wheelchair Rugby 2021

After a forced break in 2020, motivated athletes in wheelchairs met again this year in Contern to participate in the Wheelchair Rugby Tournament. At this mini edition, representatives from Germany, Holland and Switzerland were also at the start and put their best...


Dear Henri has unfortunately left us after a terrible cancer in the last days and so he had to bear a heavy fate at a very young age. But together with his parents we could give him one last little adventure. We visited with him the Leederwon a.s.b.l. in Betzdorf...


It was a very special day for the Wonschstär Foundation. Our greatest mission is to help people who have suffered a severe blow of fate. And who needs it more than the people who struggle every day in the rehabilitation center to regain their autonomy, to walk a few...

Am Klouschter

A while ago we started a project together with the Rotary Club Mondorf-les-Bains in the foyer "Am Klouschter" in Mondorf and we are overjoyed that we could finalize this great project now. This request is for the installation of a Snoezel room. Unfortunately, due to...

Stemm vun der Strooss

After a social media appeal of the Stemm vun der Strooss we felt addressed and thought about how we could help. The Stëmm vun der Strooss was looking for a motivated partner who could provide them with as many shoes as possible. We as a foundation were more than happy...


Carlos has asked us for help because he wants to buy a special racing fork for his specially adapted handbike. This will enable Carlos to reach his ambitious goals even faster and to prevail against his competitors in the numerous races. We wish Carlos continued...

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