At foundation Wonschstär it is our mission to help people whose lives have greatly been affected by illness, accident or other strokes of fate. It is our basic belief that everyone should have the possibility to “fulfill their dreams”.

Unfortunately, this universal right is not a given for everyone, and thus we have made it our mission to assist and support those people who have partially or completely given up the hope to ever fulfill their life goals and dreams. In order for dreams not to remain dreams only, great moments and a positive outlook on the future are the best medicine to regain hope and strength.

Our foundation wants to instill the belief that if one really wants to, one can achieve tremendous things in life and that one should never give up hope.

If you wish to be a part of this amazing cause you can do so through volunteering and contacting us via e-mail, or you can make a donation to our foundation.

We thank you very much and are looking forward to every help that we can get.

Lyo 2

A few years ago, Lyo wanted to travel to the cold north and recently he asked us to help him on a little trip south. This journey was not just a trip to the sun, but as some other children had requested, he wanted to take part in dolphin therapy. Our team immediately...


Zayon is a little boy, five years old, who was born much too early. This premature birth meant that he unfortunately has very severe physical paralysis. This disability makes it impossible for him to walk and talk, but he can understand many things. There is one thing...


E weidere ganz interessante Wonsch hu mir vun de Scoute vu Gamma Lëtzebuerg era kritt. Hei handelt et sech net em gewéinlech Scoute, mee em e besonnesche Grupp. Bei Gamma Lëtzebuerg sinn nämlech nëmmen Scoute mat enger geeschteger oder kierperlecher Beeinträchtegung...

Vélos Evasion

The "Vélo Evasion" association from Bastogne contacted us to tell us about their project and to ask for our support. A group of cycling enthusiasts have set themselves the goal of fighting against the social exclusion of people with disabilities. They came up with the...


Bronka is a little girl who was diagnosed with a form of autism some time ago. After her parents tried lots of different activities and sports, but Bronka didn't really feel comfortable or at home anywhere, they tried the Leederwon in Betzdorf. It was there that we...

Elian and Johan

Even small wishes are worth fulfilling! Elian and his brother Johan had to leave their home country of Colombia with their family and now have refugee status. Both boys already have major problems with their eyes at a young age and Elian lost his glasses on the way to...


One project that we have been supporting for several years is the coverage of costs for riding therapy for young people with very different histories. During such therapy, as in the example of Kiara, they learn how to handle the horse, take responsibility and take...


To be there live in the stadium once again when his favorite team is playing - that was Pasquale's big wish! Together with his family, we sent him to Milan and gave him the opportunity to support his "I Nerazzuri" at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium. His team didn't let...

CDM skating rink

The CDM approached us some time ago with a great request. They had the wonderful idea of introducing a group of children in wheelchairs to ice skating. Naturally, we had to support such an ingenious request and decided to rent the skating rink for a few hours over a...


Comme l'année dernière, le spectacle "Les enfoirés" à Bordeaux a rapidement affiché complet. Après être malheureusement repartis bredouilles en 2023, nous avons heureusement réussi à obtenir des billets cette année. Il nous a enfin été possible d'exaucer le vœu de...

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