At foundation Wonschstär it is our mission to help people whose lives have greatly been affected by illness, accident or other strokes of fate. It is our basic belief that everyone should have the possibility to “fulfill their dreams”.

Unfortunately, this universal right is not a given for everyone, and thus we have made it our mission to assist and support those people who have partially or completely given up the hope to ever fulfill their life goals and dreams. In order for dreams not to remain dreams only, great moments and a positive outlook on the future are the best medicine to regain hope and strength.

Our foundation wants to instill the belief that if one really wants to, one can achieve tremendous things in life and that one should never give up hope.

If you wish to be a part of this amazing cause you can do so through volunteering and contacting us via e-mail, or you can make a donation to our foundation.

We thank you very much and are looking forward to every help that we can get.


After a young girl won a ticket including a bus trip to Europa-Park, she decided to donate it to us for a wish. We then decided to buy three more tickets and thus organize a trip to Rust for two socially disadvantaged families. After the initial organizer had to...


A Buggy to go on journeys Noémie is 45 years old and the proud mother of four children. A few years ago, fate struck tragically and she was diagnosed with ALS disease. For some time now, she has been confined to a wheelchair as a result of her illness, and this has...


There was something to celebrate at Maredoc! Some time ago we surprised Mrs. and Mr. B. with a small celebration on their 60th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, since they don't have children, no one comes to visit the elderly couple. Therefore, we wanted to give...

Horse driving license

In the last few weeks, we have fulfilled a very special wish for a group of children between the ages of 8 and 14. They are all in the Kinderhaus Grevenmacher and regularly visit the Leederwon in Betzdorf to take care of the horses there. The people in charge of the...

CDM Skivacation

In March, we sent nine children (Viva, Liv, Tyler, Elena, Anil, Lyo, Atawy, Ben an Rafael) with severe disabilities, together with their nine educators (1 to 1 supervision) on a school ski vacation to Les Saisies/Hauteluce for a week. During these days the whole group...

CDM Bike

After Max's family decided to give Max's bike to his schoolmates at the CDM and it caused a lot of enthusiasm among the children, we decided to donate another bike customized for wheelchairs to the CDM. In the future, this will enable the children to do this great...


Tania contacted us and told us about her wish to own an assistance dog. At the young age of 27, she experienced her first serious stroke of fate in the form of a brain stroke. After this moment, her life as well as that of her whole family changed in an enormously...


Martin also told us about his wish for Christmas. Since he is very interested in sports and likes to watch football, he asked us to present him with a signed jersey of the Luxembourg national player Vincent Thill. Through a few corners and contacts we were able to...


A successful surprise. On the occasion of the holidays, on December 23, we visited the Maredoc Home for the Elderly and surprised some of the residents with small gifts. We were very happy to see how the residents enjoyed the beautiful handmade gifts and the good...


At the end of the year we have chosen a project with the Vollekskichen. The Vollekskichen is an important actor for inclusion and integration, it offers a job to people who unfortunately, due to various personal misfortunes, find it very difficult or impossible to...

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In case you wish to contact us, you can give us a call or leave your message here. We love to answer all further questions. If you may be interested to lend us a hand during the different events we organise, you can simply write us here too.

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