Get married, celebrate your wedding and have a beautiful day!

For most women this wish comes true at some point, but unfortunately not for everyone. Viviane shares this fate and unfortunately, due to her cognitive impairment, she does not have the best prerequisites to find a life partner who will fulfill her wish “to be a bride in a beautiful wedding dress one day”.

When we learned about this wish, we gave a lot of thought to how we could still make this dream come true in an adapted way. So we transformed Viviane, even if it was only for one afternoon, into a beautiful bride with a matching wedding dress and by doing a photo shoot we captured this beautiful and unforgettable moment not only as a memory.

A big thank you to each of our supporters and especially to:

  • Manuela which provided us with the wedding dress,
  • de Josué who took the photos for free,
  • Fleurs du temps who arranged the bouquet,
  • Coiffure Beim Figaro, who provided the beautiful hairstyle for free,
  • Etoile Boutique who gave us a discount on the veil, shoes and umbrella,
  • Marie-Ange who fitted the wedding dress,
  • Ana for the cake,
  • Patricia for the coordination,
  • Tania for the effort.