We have fulfilled a very special wish in the last few days. Little Lyo is eight years old and became seriously ill immediately after his birth. Since this illness, Lyo struggles in everyday life with a very problematic disability. His mother, who accompanies him every step of the way and does her best to support her son, told us about their wish. They wished to visit the Santa Claus village in Lapland at Christmas time. We at Wonschstär agreed that we could not simply refuse such a great wish, but had to do our best to support Lyo and his mother in their adventure.

After a lot of work organizing, we actually managed to send the two of them up north in search of Santa. It even worked out! Besides a meeting with Santa, where Lyo couldn’t stop beaming, they were able to inspect the reindeer from very close and go for a ride with the sled dogs as well as with the snowmobile.

We are happy to see that Leo together with his mother could experience some beautiful days and moments in the snow. From there we say Maria and Paul from The friendly Moose ( many thanks for the extensive help with the whole organization.

Also our deepest appreciation and gratitude goes to our many donors, of course, because without such a terrific support such great wishes could not be fulfilled.

Tell us about your wish and experience such wonderful moments!