Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you Lise
Happy birthday to you!

They say there’s always a reason to celebrate, but we recently had a very special reason. Lis’ 18th birthday was just around the corner!

Due to a serious illness, Lis has had to undergo an endless amount of surgeries since she was born. The journey from one doctor to the other is still actuality for her today. To put these worries aside for a short moment, Lise has a big wish. She wants to have a party together with her family, friends and everyone who has supported her over all these many years, such as her doctors. And since we are of course always up for a great party, we didn’t let her ask us twice to organize a nice evening for her.

With the right location, a great atmosphere and good music, the moment was perfect to celebrate Lise’s birthday the way she always dreamed of!

A big thank you to everyone who lent a hand in the organization and of course to all the acquaintances who helped to make this evening so indescribably beautiful for Lise!