Liam, a six year old autistic boy, wanted a dog to have a walk with. Unfortunately, since the owner of the house where Liam lives does not allow dogs, Liam’s mother got to thinking. After a bit of research, she found that a Maine Coon cat would be a great substitute for a dog. This particular breed of cat has special characteristics that are ideal for Liam’s specific needs and even allow him to go for walks with it.

For this reason, Liam’s mother sent us a request telling us the story of her son. As a result we decided to fulfill Liam’s wish and on April 2nd his new friend “King” was born here in Luxembourg.

Since a few weeks King is now in his new home and the two understand each other better and better every day.

We wish Liam a lot of joy with his new friend and would like to thank everyone who supported this wish.