Morgane and Lara

Together with their parents, Lara and Morgane set off for Turkey. Once they landed there, they immediately continued towards their destination. Where did the journey take them? The two visited the Dolphin Therapy Center for ten days, where, in addition to numerous activities, they were able to swim mainly with dolphins.

After Lara (Angelmann Syndrome) had already participated in dolphin therapy once in 2022 and her family noticed a lot of progress in her motor skills, we made it possible for Lara to have therapy again this year. The trainers have also continued to notice significant improvements since her last visit, so this therapy is contributing even more to Lara’s well-being.

Morgane is 14 years old and has been diagnosed with severe autism. After her parents noticed significant improvements in Lara’s example, they contacted us and asked if it would be possible to provide dolphin therapy to Morgen as well. Of course we were also willing to give this opportunity.

Both girls made an extraordinary effort and enjoyed themselves with the dolphins the whole day. For the whole family this trip was a great opportunity to spend some nice days together.

Together with Lara, Morgane and their parents we would like to thank everyone who made this great adventure possible.