The pedagogical team from a childcare structure wanted to offer their young people a change of perspective and take them on a small excursion to the Phantasialand. As they are financially limited and can not afford such leisure time excursions themselves, they asked our foundation Wonschstär to take over this part.

We gladly agreed to pay for the tickets and the travel bus.

Here are a few impressions of the adventure:

“It was mega! You have so many different attractions.”

“Black Mamba and Fly were the best roller coasters.”

“It would be cool to do this every year or go to a different theme park every year.”

“It was interesting to meet and talk to new people from our care structure.”

“The burger was mega delicious and the desserts were even more delicious.”

The caregivers who accompanied them told us that it had been nice to see the young people enjoying themselves and making new friends throughout the day full of adrenaline.

We are very happy that it was a great experience for everyone and we would like to thank all of our supporters who helped us with this project as well as with all of our other projects!

Our whole team is already looking forward to the next great wishes we may fulfill in the future.