Ines, a little girl 7 years of age has been born with a severe disability. She barely talks, sits in a wheelchair and suffers from epilepsy.

Last year her parents took her to Turkey to participate at a dolphin therapy. Afterwards they saw a positive shift of their daughter’s behavior.

Ines parents had one wish, to see their daughter progress further an do a second dolphin therapy. Due to the high cost of such a therapy, they asked our foundation Wonschstär to help them gather the necessary funds.

Because we already knew Ines, followed her for several time and her situation deeply touched our hearts, we took matters in our hands. Thanks to our donors we were able to send her family for two weeks to Kemer in Turkey where they stayed at the big therapy center „Dolphin therapy land“.

A little testimonial of Ines‘ mother:

„We see small improvements of Ines‘ behavior. She communicates more and her spasms diminished which gives her much more freedom to move. A few days ago, she began to refuse to eat her crushed food and wants to eat bigger pieces. She even slobbers less.

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for these 2 marvelous weeks. We were able to enjoy every minute and Ines is doing incredibly well. Even though the therapy was very hard, this was part of the journey and her well-being. Thank you for giving Ines the opportunity to enjoy those beautiful moments full of joy!“