Ajla is 18 and suffers from Rhett’s syndrome. Because of this condition, she needs the help of a third party for everything in her daily life. Even speech is unfortunately impossible for her, making communication very difficult.

Until her 18th birthday, she was able to attend school at the Strassen Center for Motor Development, where a special eye camera helped her. This enabled her to communicate with those around her.

Today, Ajla lives at the Tricentenaire and we were asked to help her buy such a camera so that she would no longer be isolated.

That’s when we, Wonschstär, came into play. A few months ago, young cyclist Luca (aka LetzOnBike) contacted us to help support a project. Shortly afterwards, he cycled across Europe (over 4,600 km) and raised funds. We then suggested he finance Ajla’s new camera/computer thanks to this initiative. Through his charity adventure, Luca was able to raise the incredible sum of €2,000.

Together with Ajla, we’d like to say a big thank you to Luca for his enormous commitment and the great new eye camera.