Hazem is a young Afghan refugee who got out of Kabul with his father at the last minute in 2021.

His father was a lab technician and worked for MSF France and also for the French Embassy. Hazem studied agricultural economics at university in Kabul.

Once in Luxembourg, he immediately enrolled in INL to learn French and along the way he also started an office apprenticeship. Fortunately, he also got some of his diplomas recognized by the Ministry of Education.

In order not to lose so much time on the way between Belval and Liège, he wanted to have his own driver’s license. Thereupon we were contacted and asked if we could help him to finance the driving license. We were of course very happy to do so, as we believe that Hazem’s and his exemplary behavior should be supported.

Recently, he also passed his driver’s license and thus gained a little more autonomy. Besides studying, he also works 10 hours to afford the gas and insurance.

Together with Hazem we say a big thank you to everyone who supported us in this wish.