Tristan is a seven-year-old boy who has a terrible genetic disease. One of the negative aspects of this disease is that Tristan has the strength of a seven-year-old but the mental capacity of a one-year-old baby.

That is why Tristan’s family wanted a very special wall called a “Busy Board” where Tristan can develop his motor and mental skills.

After a long search, the family found nothing suitable, so they decided to have such a play wall built.

We quickly set out to find an adequate partner who could help the family with the development and production. With the carpentry MOMA from Bissen we found exactly the right partner for this project.

Recently Tristan received his new play wall and we wish him a lot of fun discovering and playing.

Together with Tristan and his family we would like to thank the carpentry MOMA for the fantastic work, as well as all our many friends who supported this project.