A car for a better life.

Even at a young age, Ahmed was confronted with an incredibly difficult situation in life. At the age of 16 he had to flee from his home country Iraq together with his family and found a new home in our little country via many detours.

With great enthusiasm Ahmed has been busy every day since his arrival to build a better future for himself, his sister and parents. He has enrolled in the Lycée Emile Metz to attend computer courses and to be educated. To help his family financially and make their dreams come true, he is also extremely motivated outside of school and has taken a permanent student job at the Manoir Kasselslay restaurant in Clervaux. Unfortunately, he does not own a car, which makes his situation and part-time job extremely difficult. With the support of his boss, he turned to us and asked us to help him solve this problem.

Together with the garage Carrosserie Palanca, Steve’s friends and the families Feidt, Muller and Friederich we were able to fulfill Ahmed’s wish and support him on his way with a second hand Polo. From now on he can pursue his student job and help his family without further problems. We would like to thank everyone who supported us with this project.