Melanie was the victim of a tragic car accident at the age of nine and thus had to learn at a very young age how to deal with a difficult fate. Since that moment she is a quadriplegic and dependent on a wheelchair in everyday life.

About two years ago Melanie contacted us and asked for help. Her greatest wish was to own her own car and to be able to move freely and independently. At the time of her request, she was still in school at the Lycée Privé St Anne in Ettelbruck, but she graduated from high school and is now in the working world. In this field, a certain mobility is of course very helpful.

She has also had her driver’s license for some time and her father gave her her own car, but it had to be adapted to her needs over the last year. This adaptation became a very costly affair due to the severity of Melanie’s disability.

With a lot of support we were able to help Melanie with the adaptation of her car. From now on, despite her physical disability and her wheelchair, she can get around almost without any problems and without any restrictions in her everyday life.

Yesterday it was finally official and together with Melanie we could say a big thank you to all our generous supporters, present the car including all the adaptations and toast with a little glass.