Dolphin therapy

Thanks to the good results and progress during their first experience with a dolphin therapy, we supported Lara and Ines another time so that they could participate in such a therapy.

The two girls were able to take advantage of this opportunity as much as possible and enjoyed every moment with the dolphins in the pool. Outside the water they were also well cared for every moment. Since pictures say much more than words we have prepared one or two videos for you.

Together with Lara and Ines we would like to thank everybody who supported us to make this therapy possible. This goes especially to our sporty bike team (De Lotz, de Claudio, de Jojo an de Pedro), who even rode their bikes all the way to Portugal, as well as to Alex, who completed a road trip through France, Spain and Portugal on his motorcycle for his 50 years. Each of them called for donations during their respective adventures to allow Lara and Ines to have this opportunity.

For this project, people not only rode bicycles and motorcycles, but also danced. The dance school Cathy Moes by Li Marteling participated with a generous donation, which was collected from the proceeds of their dance performance “Just Dancing 2022”.

Thank you very much!