During our Easter campaign at the Blannenheem we met Mr. Raymond W.. Raymond is a very social person who loves to chat with his fellow residents, but unfortunately only very rarely gets visitors.

Sadly, his hearing aid, which was paid for by the health insurance, is very limited and can no longer be adapted to his specific needs and therefore urgently needed to be replaced. For this reason we took the initiative and gave him a new hearing aid, which was fitted on the spot by the company Optiphone.

Now Raymond finally has the opportunity to talk to his fellow human beings again and to participate in conversations. Watching TV was also thought of and so his new hearing aid was also specially personalized for this.

We wish Raymond a lot of joy and great and interesting conversations in the retirement home and that he can participate more in social life there again.

A big thank you to our numerous supporters who helped to make this wish come true with their donation.