Kannerduerf Snoezelroom

After we visited the „SOS Kannerduerf“ in Mersch in order to present our charity organisation and its goals, we got a third request from them. The „SOS Kannerduerf“ is a social institution which helps children with a really difficult family background.

We were asked to help out the youngest children of the children village. Because these poor ones already suffered from a lot of difficult traumatic experiences, they wanted to establish a „Snoezel“ room in one of their buildings. We were deeply touched by their stories and decided to take the necessary steps to lend them a hand.

A „Snoezel“ room is a room which is especially equipped to practice a relaxation therapy called „snoezelen“. The snoezel therapy has its roots in the netherlands and is being used in situations like post traumatic stress disorder, emotional problems, lack of concentration, motivational problems and further. This room and its equipment tries to relax the patients in a creative manner.

To establish the right therapeutical athmosphere we did cater for the necessary equipment by installing a waterbed, music, special lights and a lot more!