Family K.

A family in search of a new and safe home

The association ALAN contacted us and drew our attention to the situation of a family from the Congo who is looking for security and future in Luxembourg.

This family has encountered many unplanned administrative, legal and political decisions and obstacles concerning their stay.

In addition to all this uncertainty of their stay and the constant commuting between Luxembourg and Italy, the birth of their two children and the serious and rare disease of their second child were added.

As a result, the family’s problems did not diminish. The insecure housing situation and their rent here in Luxembourg, which could not be terminated due to the daily insecurity, also had a considerable negative impact on the financial situation and left the family with a heavy burden.

Since this family has had a residence permit for some time now and has proven again and again during their entire stay here in Luxembourg that they have the motivation and wish to shape and work for their future through active participation, the Wonschstär Foundation decided to improve the family’s financial situation. With this decision we want to give the family the possibility to stand on their own feet again in the future despite all the difficulties of the past.