We have already fulfilled one or two of Rigobert’s wishes in the past. Due to his full-body paraplegia, he is not only dependent on human care in his everyday life, but until now he also needed a complicated installation to work with his computer.

As a so-called quadriplegic, he is quite often socially isolated and can only enjoy his everyday life in a limited way, which means he often has to miss out on moments.

Rigobert therefore spends a lot of time with his computer and explained to us that a function in the new Mac operating system allows him to control his computer with his head or eyes without any further help. Unfortunately, his previous computer was not sufficiently equipped for this update, so Rigobert turned to us for support.

In his request, Rigobert explained to us in his own words: “The computer is simply my gateway to the world.” From that moment on, it was immediately clear to us that we could only fulfill his wish for a new computer.

Rigobert would like to thank our foundation and everyone who made his wish come true.