There is nothing better than a good circle of friends! Already last year a woman contacted us, who told us about a wish. But this was not her own wish, but that of her good friend Nasulina.

For some time Nasulina has been very seriously ill and has been struggling with it enormously. We were told that she has been wishing for a nice trip to Costa Rica for ages.

So we got to work and took the necessary steps to give her a trip, including a travel guide, for her 40th birthday.

On this great adventure, Nasulina was able to experience wonderful impressions and moments with her husband. Be it on the beach, in the hotel or in nature, many unforgettable memories were collected. Some of these memories, as you can see, were captured on a photo for eternity.

We are happy that we were able to fulfill this wish and together with Nasulina we would like to thank everyone who made this adventure possible with their support.