Mr Almann

We came to know Mr. Almann due to our project with the „Stemm vun der Strooss“ from Esch/Alzette, an organization which helps homeless people. As Mr. Almann isn‘t the youngest anymore his only wish was to get a room at a retirement home.

As Christmas advanced so rapidly, we didn‘t want him to be alone those days and we immediately tried to figure something out. After we established contact with the retirement home „Mon plaisir“ from Mondorf, we manage to get him a vacation room for a few weeks so he could enjoy Christmas in good company.

As life sometimes play out, we‘ve been contacted by RTL to shoot a small story about our charity organization at the time we‘ve been looking to help Mr. Almann. We took the opportunity to talk a little bit about his quest and a few days after the story had been aired, a retirement home in the south of Luxembourg contacted us to offer Mr. Almann a room at their home.