Isabelle, divorced, 3 children (10 years old, 13 years old and 23 years old) is currently domiciled in a home for women in distress. From 2009-2010 she had a bakery, which unfortunately went bankrupt. In 2015, she suffered a stroke, but she recovered very well and she works 30 hours a week now as a delivery driver for a Belgian company.

Her wish was to have a foot care training and receive a diploma recognized here in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg so that she can work as an independent. Luckily, we found a pedicure-training center near Namur where she was able to take classes twice a week for 10 months.

She got a medical pedicure diploma, which allows her to work in a hospital, a polyclinic, a nursing home, at home or even open her own practice.

Isabelle is very happy that thanks to the Foundation, by subsidizing the registration fees and the required materials, she was able to find a way that allows her to keep her children and pay outstanding debts.