Vélos Evasion

The “Vélo Evasion” association from Bastogne contacted us to tell us about their project and to ask for our support.

A group of cycling enthusiasts have set themselves the goal of fighting against the social exclusion of people with disabilities. They came up with the great idea of organizing regular bike rides and taking people with disabilities on specially adapted bikes.

We all pulled together and agreed that such a project would be a great social opportunity and a nice change for many people. As a result, we agreed to help the association buy two such bikes.

The “Vélos Evasion” group is also very active in our country. For example, they are often on the road with organizations such as the “Eislécker Heem” and also with various old people’s homes in the north of our country. In addition, they always inform us about planned excursions.

Do you live in the area? Then take the plunge and contact the initiators and make use of this great opportunity.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported this wish and thus, with their social commitment, made it possible to go on great bike trips together in the future.