Kannerduerf Karting

After we visited the „SOS Kannerduerf“ in Mersch in order to present our charity organisation and its goals, we got a request from them. The „SOS Kannerduerf“ is a social institution which helps children with a really difficult family background.

The request came from a group of young children at the age of 8-12, who asked us if we could take them to a karting track. After a little research we found the right place with carting track in Mondercange.

As soon as we got to Mondercange, there was no holding back. After a few instructions, the children jumped in their racing suits, put their helmet on and ran to the go-karts! They almost couldn‘t wait to get green light and push the paddle to the floor!

After a rather shy beginning, they began to get more and more courageous the following rounds. They had tremendous fun driving their go-karts, but as their fuel level dropped and dropped they had to get back to the boxes.

To top this beautiful morning off, we had planned a little extra. As the children had done their best and were as a result getting very hungry, we took them to a pizza place nearby where they could enjoy some pizza or pasta.

We were happy to see those many big smiles during the entire morning.