Horse driving license

In the last few weeks, we have fulfilled a very special wish for a group of children between the ages of 8 and 14. They are all in the Kinderhaus Grevenmacher and regularly visit the Leederwon in Betzdorf to take care of the horses there.

The people in charge of the Leederwon thought about this and created the concept of a “horse driving license”, where children learn how to handle horses safely and receive a diploma at the end.

The aim of this action is firstly to give the children a great time, secondly to get their behavioral problems under better control by dealing with the horses, as well as thirdly to develop them physically and intellectually and to give them a certain recognition and self-confidence through the diploma.

This diploma/horse driver’s license was given to all children at an official ceremony by the Minister of Education, Claude Meisch.

We are happy to have covered the cost of this project and to give the children such a great experience. Many thanks to each of our numerous supporters who have supported this action with their donations.