After the death of her two sisters and her divorce (both in the same year) Cricri, 50 years old, couldn‘t get back on track. Such a disturbing family situation accompanied with an extremely tight financial situation isn‘t really easy to deal with.

While in a deep mental struggle she bought a tiny house in France for a small fee, where she now lives on her own. At first glance her house looked perfect but after a little while she began to see the disaster. She noticed a severe moisture smell and the fact that she had to leave the house to visit the only toilet wasn‘t an ideal situation.

Alone and devastated wasn‘t the thing we had in mind for poor Cricri, so we took matters in our own hand. We deeply believe that everyone has a right to live in a house and in everyday suitable circumstances. This is why we helped her out to do some major changes to her home, so she could look in a brighter future.

With the help of the companies SANICHAUFER, DELVAUX, JACOB and WEIS, a big effort from her son Manu and our financial backing we were able to renovate her bathroom and lay down new flooring in the entire house.

The foundation Wonschstär also bought her a new sewing machine to encourage her to own some money. As a thank you Cricri manufactures small goods for our yearly Christmas market.