Riding therapy – Children’s house Echternach

The Wonschstär Foundation met with Ms Heidi Bader, riding pedagogue, in Germany.

The 4 children of the Echternach children’s home who go there certainly spend a good time and above all, they are well taken care of from a pedagogical point of view.

Horses and ponies are not in boxes at Mrs. Bader’s, but they can freely leave their boxes at any time out onto the meadow (see photos). Children do not have to sit directly on a horse or a pony, but first they have the opportunity to interact with other animals in the yard, such as chicken, cats and dogs.

The benefits:

  • improvement of motor skills
  • improved body sensation
  • building self-confidence: to hold the reins in the hand
  • experience with the horse: to be in balance with oneself and people around
  • be able to express emotions
  • be able to deal with aggressions
  • learn to know his or her own limits
  • anxiety reduction
  • improved communication