Famill Kluge

For some time we have been in contact with the Kluge family, a single mother with six children. At the moment she is being cared for by a social worker from the Attorney General’s Office and we were contacted by her because of an emergency.

One day the family’s car unfortunately stopped working, this put the mother and her children in a difficult situation. Since their financial situation is very limited, they could not put the car in costly repair, much less look around for a new car.

In a wonderful collaboration with Maria Schötzer from the association “Insieme”, which means “Together” in Italian, and the car repair shop Carrosserie Palanca from Ehlerange, an exemplary solidarity has been created to support this family and give them back their necessary mobility! According to the social worker, we were the last hope of this family to help them in this difficult time.

From now on, even the neighbor who so often drove the family back and forth as a good Samaritan (although he is also unemployed and desperately looking for a job) no longer needs to step in. Mrs. Kluge, who is a masseuse by profession and looking for a job, has gained new hope for herself and her 6 children with her new gray Ford.

We wish the whole family a good trip to a better future and say thank you to all our supporters for your solidarity.