Tania contacted us and told us about her wish to own an assistance dog. At the young age of 27, she experienced her first serious stroke of fate in the form of a brain stroke.

After this moment, her life as well as that of her whole family changed in an enormously tragic way. In the meantime, Tanja is a mother of five children, which does not make things any easier in many situations. Unfortunately for her, it was not the only stroke of fate, because she also developed a degenerative disease. For this reason, her husband decided not long ago to quit his job, so that he can fully take care of his suffering wife.

After all these setbacks, Tania wants to continue to fight and relieve her family as much as possible. This is where her wish for an assistance dog comes into play, which should be a useful help for her on her way in daily life. Therefore, Tania asked us if there was a possibility to fund the training of her dog Abby.

Of course we agreed to make this wish come true. With the association Helping Paws we also found the right partner for this mission. For some time now, Tania’s dog Abby has been in training and is learning how to best support Tania in everyday life.

We would like to thank everyone who assisted us in making Tanya’s wish come true