Fondation Wonschstär

“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

Paulo Coelho


The foundation "Wonschstär", which has been founded in 2014, is my dream. The core message is quite simple: love, compassion and responsibility.


Everything has a meaning in life and everybody we meet throughout our life has a message to give us.  Meeting people who are in need of help and support has always been a big part of my life. En example: A few years back the story of Tom, who was struck by an unfortunate stroke of fate, had a deep impact on me and my way of thinking.


Surely i wasn't able to fullfill his greatest desire, the ability to get out of his wheelchair and back on his feet but i hope that i was able to show him, through my compassion and absolut will, new ways of thinking and a sense despite his handicap. In order to grow in life, one must go through good and bad experiences.


One can say that Tom is our ambassador, who can be an exemple for other people and show them that in life it's always worth fighting.


No matter the obstacles in life, one should never loose faith. In times that we fight our way through the darkness, a small light can show us our path and give us the strength and motivation to keep fighting. This is why I hope to brighten up the days of as many people as i can.


A small light, a little hope and pleasure through compassion.


Viviane Vermeer


"Some day everything will make sense."

Paulo Coelho

Who are we?


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Fondation Wonschstär